19 - Approach

Contemporary Interpretation

19 - Approach

This time I'm just: Observer

Find your own rhythm:
Let impressions and events
softly subside
without re-action.
What has actually happened?
And what does it mean -
Detached from me,
From my personality?
This time I'm just:
[I am safe. I am warm.]

Dynamics of the Hexagram

The Hexagram

yin yin yin yin yang yang

Upper Trigram: Kun, Earth

2nd Core Character: Kun, Earth

1st Core Character: Zhen, Thunder

Lower Trigram: Dui, Lake

The Hexagram's Dynamic within the Matrix

The Changes: 19 - approach

The Changes in Detail

Lower Trigram: Dui, the Lake

First Change: Dui → Zhen, the Thunder

Second Change: Zhen → Kun, the Earth

Third Change: Kun → Kun, the Earth

Upper Trigram: Kun, the Earth

Follow the Path of the Dao: A Western Approximation

The Interplay of Yin and Yang

Dem Weg des Dao folgen: Annäherung aus Westen

Changes and Impulses

Exemplary Experiences

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Classical Interpretation

The significance of the characters »approach« (19) and »con­tem­plation« is that in part they give and in part they take.

The image

The earth above the lake: the image of approach. Thus the superior man is inexhaustible in his purpose to teach and without limit in suffering and protecting the people.

The judgement

Approach has sublime success. Perseverance furthers. In the eighth month comes misfortune. Full text of Richard Wilhelm's 1924 translation by Cary F. Baynes

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