22 - Grace

Contemporary Interpretation

22 - Grace

Clarity and intuition
bear determination

And intuition

Dynamics of the Hexagram

The Hexagram

yang yin yin yang yin yang

Upper Trigram: Gen, Mountain

2nd Core Character: Zhen, Thunder

1st Core Character: Kan, Water

Lower Trigram: Li, Fire

The Hexagram's Dynamic within the Matrix

The Changes: 22 - grace

The Changes in Detail

Lower Trigram: Li, the Fire

First Change: Li → Kan, the Water

Second Change: Kan → Zhen, the Thunder

Third Change: Zhen → Gen, the Mountain

Upper Trigram: Gen, the Mountain

Follow the Path of the Dao: A Western Approximation

The Interplay of Yin and Yang

Dem Weg des Dao folgen: Annäherung aus Westen

Changes and Impulses

Exemplary Experiences

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Classical Interpretation

Grace (22) signifies undyed.

The image

Low at the mountain is fire: the image of grace. Thus the superior man proceeds with clarifying current affairs, but then does not dare to decide controversial issues.

The judgement

Grace has success. In small matters it furthers to do something. Full text of Richard Wilhelm's 1924 translation by Cary F. Baynes

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