31 - Influence

Contemporary Interpretation

31 - Influence

Disengage. And listen.

And let the void
And let the silence
Warmer sounds,
A melody.
Continue listening.

Dynamics of the Hexagram

The Hexagram

yin yang yang yang yin yin

Upper Trigram: Dui, Lake

2nd Core Character: Qian, Heaven

1st Core Character: Sun, Wind (Tree)

Lower Trigram: Gen, Mountain

The Hexagram's Dynamic within the Matrix

The Changes: 31 - influence

The Changes in Detail

Lower Trigram: Gen, the Mountain

First Change: Gen → Sun, the Wind / Tree

Second Change: Sun → Qian, the Heaven

Third Change: Qian → Dui, the Lake

Upper Trigram: Dui, the Lake

Follow the Path of the Dao: A Western Approximation

The Interplay of Yin and Yang

Dem Weg des Dao folgen: Annäherung aus Westen

Changes and Impulses

Exemplary Experiences

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Classical Interpretation

Influence (31) happens swiftly.

The image

A lake on top of the mountain: the image of influence. Thus by his receptiveness the superior man encourages people to approach him.

The judgement

Influence. Success. Perseverance furthers. To take a maiden [to wife] brings good fortune. Full text of Richard Wilhelm's 1924 translation by Cary F. Baynes

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