02 - The Receptive

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Contemporary Interpretation

02 - The Receptive

A place like... chicken soup.

A nurturing place.
A place like... chicken soup.
At all levels,
Beyond borders.
And we do
What is.

The Changes

yin yin yin yin yin yin

Upper Trigram: Kun, Earth

2nd Core Character: Kun, Earth

1st Core Character: Kun, Earth

Lower Trigram: Kun, Earth

Information regarding the interpretation model

Classical Interpretation

The receptive (02) is supple.

The image

The earth's condition is receptive devotion. Thus the superior man carries the outer world with wide-ranging virtue.

The judgement

The receptive works sublime success, furthered through the perseverance of a mare. If the superior man intends to undertake something and tries to advance, he will go astray. But if he follows, he will find guidance. It is furthering to find friends in the west and south, to forego friends in the east and north. Quiet perseverance brings good fortune.

Dynamics of the Hexagram

The Changes: 02 - the receptive

Lower Trigram: Kun, the Earth

First Change: Kun → Kun, the Earth

Second Change: Kun → Kun, the Earth

Third Change: Kun → Kun, the Earth

Upper Trigram: Kun, the Earth

The following image is often chosen to describe Kun: soil in which a seedling is growing. Soil is unstructured matter: in soil a ... Read more seedling finds everything it needs to grow; dead plants decay to soil. Kun's meaning, however, goes beyond unstructured matter (such as soil): Kun is unstructured potential, including tangible and non-tangible matter.
When interpreting a hexagram, Kun points at the place which we are at, here and now. Kun invites us to calm down and to use this place / moment as a source of strength. Like a wave rolling back into the sea, its origin, focusing and drawing new energies. Hide

Follow the Path of the Dao: A Western Approximation

The interpretations shown above gradually moved away from Eastern concepts. Let us proceed even a little further. In this section I develop a model of interpretation from a Western perspective, more precisely: from the perspective of philosophical anthropology.
A detailed article on the subject can be found here: A Western Approximation

Dem Weg des Dao folgen: Annäherung aus Westen

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