62 - Preponderance of the Small

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Contemporary Interpretation

62 - Preponderance of the Small

The wings
of a butterfly...

Gives room
For inner growth...
Until it reaches the boundary,
Between inside and outside:
And unexpectedly

The Changes

yin yin yang yang yin yin

Upper Trigram: Zhen, Thunder

2nd Core Character: Dui, Lake

1st Core Character: Sun, Wind (Tree)

Lower Trigram: Gen, Mountain

Information regarding the interpretation model

Classical Interpretation

Preponderance of the small (62) signifies a transition.

The image

Thunder on the mountain: the image of preponderance of the small. Thus in his conduct the superior man gives preponderance to reverence. In case of mourning he gives preponderance to grief. In his spending he gives preponderance to thrift.

The judgement

Preponderance of the small. Success. Perseverance furthers. Small things may be done, not great things. The flying bird brings the message: It is not good to strive upwards, it is good to stay down. Great good fortune!

Dynamics of the Hexagram

The Changes: 62 - preponderance of the small

Lower Trigram: Gen, the Mountain

Gen stands for our ability to disengage. Through letting go of what has become obsolete we can focus on what is essential, ... Read more concentrate our energies and make room for the new. Disengagement harmonizes and focuses our actions and results in reorientation and new beginnings. Gen invites us to honestly examine our possessions, feelings and/or thoughts regarding their validity, and to permanently let go of what is old or outdated. Hide

First Change: Gen → Sun, the Wind / Tree

Sun develops when a (solid) yang line is added (red arrow; yang symbolizes energy, activity). Initial disengagement (Gen) results ... Read more in forward thrusting growth (Sun). We disengaged, we released unnecessary ballast, we concentrated our energies. This way we drew the bow. Until our arrow, Sun, is shot off: unstoppable, unrelenting, heading for our goal. Hide

Second Change: Sun → Dui, the Lake

Dui develops when a (broken) yin line is added (dark arrow; yin symbolizes receptivity). Sun's powerful, uniform growth of our... Read more inner being encounters the outer world in Dui. That which has developed hidden deeply within ourselves, crosses the border of our self and becomes visible. It touches the environment and generates... reverberation. Hide

Third Change: Dui → Zhen, the Thunder

Zhen develops when a (broken) yin line is added (dark arrow; yin symbolizes receptivity). If we open ourselves towards the ... Read more exterior, towards our environment (Dui) there will be consequences: a seed will be planted, something within ourselves will begin to resonate with the environment. This resonance will consolidate, will become reply, decision and finally visible for all in resolute action. Hide

Upper Trigram: Zhen, the Thunder

Zhen represents our ability to make decisions, our determination, enthusiasm, courage, and precision; but also ... Read more flexibility and strength belong to Zhen. If we look at nature, then Zhen's pattern of movement is that of a bud in its protective sleeve, just beginning to break open: a sudden, decisive and courageous move Hide

Follow the Path of the Dao: A Western Approximation

The interpretations shown above gradually moved away from Eastern concepts. Let us proceed even a little further. In this section I develop a model of interpretation from a Western perspective, more precisely: from the perspective of philosophical anthropology.
A detailed article on the subject can be found here: A Western Approximation

Dem Weg des Dao folgen: Annäherung aus Westen

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