05 – waiting

Graphic hexagram 05“I, I, all I!” – No, this is not an ego trip, but: I am all one with myself, I am entirely centered… All right? OK, so, again: I, I, all I, all centered, completely calm, rooted within myself. And right here-and-now I am turning towards… the world.

What a variety of possibilities! How on earth should I choose? What is right, what is important, what does (not) matter? My head may help me to sort it out: What corresponds to me? What distracts me from my path? Yet some cases remain undecidable, they lie beyond my intellect’s grasp: I simply do not know all the facts.

But I have still another resource: my gut feeling. My belly-heart which knows reasons that remain closed to my head. My belly-heart which makes me feel what is right…

Scope of Questions

Waiting for the perfect moment. Waiting for the auspicious gap. Waiting for the best moment to intervene. Although the world is anything but quiet.
Like a cat waiting to pounce…

There were a few inquiries regarding 05 – Waiting such as:

  • A user asks the I Ching: “How can I survive/thrive/cope during this very difficult time of my life?”
  • One user actually feels quite well, but he hasn’t anything relevant to do. He would like to start something creative. What are the I Ching’s suggestions?
  • A user asks: “Am I on the right track?”
  • Since quite some time a user has a rather loose relationship to a man and – to her own surprise – she really has taken him into her heart. This man like her as well, but he refuse any firm partnership – at least one that would correspond to the user’s idea of a partnership. The user is undecided which consequences to draw. Initially the whole situation was a burden to her, in the meantime she has gained confidence, courage and serenity.

The current interpretation can be found here: https://www.no2do.com/hexagramme/777878.htm