58 – the joyous

Graphic hexagram 58Inhale. Exhale. Inhale again… Only interconnected with my environment I am viable. I can not exist fully isolated, I depend on exchange. Breathing. Acting.

More specifically: I can think up a lot behind closed doors, but at some point I should step outside and make my thoughts become alive. Some things, in which I may have set high hopes, will not work. Others will prove surprising success. I will find out the difference only if I confront the world, check critically what is suitable and then put things into practice, at least in basic terms.

To finally take a step back, smile – and again: inhale deeply.

Scope of Questions

In context of hexagram 58 – the Joyous users shared the following questions:

  • For a long time a user searched for a person to whom he had broken off contact some time ago. His question to the I Ching is: “Should I search for this person at all – or will she approach me?”
  • A user, an artist, has met a Japanese artist, who he feels deeply connected with; she feels the same way. When the woman has to travel back home to Japan, the couple bids farewell in tears. They both want to be together. But the woman sees no way to do so, she lacks courage for a step into the unknown. An aggravating factor is the age difference. The user’s question: “Is there a future for us?”
  • A user asks: “What is beneficial for my further development? What should I focus on, what should I be careful with?”
  • A user asks the following question: “How can I make a wise assessment of my current situation?” He describes his circumstances as follows: “My environment (home / business) overwhelms me, my entire everyday life (friendships, work, everything) overwhelms me, everything is far too much for me – and far too little fulfilling. How do I get out?”

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