17 – following

Graphic hexagram 17Something new is coming to light decisively and powerfully. It will transform the entire situation. However, this new beginning has a price: we must disengage and let go of what is outdated, obsolete, an old pattern – even if it is hard to abandon something that was trusted and familiar for such a long time now. Eventually this image helps: a tree discarding old foliage, getting ready for a new cycle of life, with the old foliage serving as a fertilizer for new growth. We also need this fertilizer which is generated by disengagement: for our own forward bursting growth, which soon will interweave with the world, resonating with it in giving and taking.

Scope of Questions
  • A user asks the I Ching the following question: “How will my financial situation develop?” The I Ching replies her with Hexagram 17 – following.
  • A user asks: “Is owning property good for me? Can I finance it?”
Case Study

Hexagram 17 – following begins with Zhen, the thunder (lower trigram): decision-making determination, enthusiasm and courage are at a (in this case probably financial) new beginning. This first motion is immediately joined by a second one: Gen, the mountain (first core character): releasing and dissolving.
In Zhen the new situation powerfully comes to light and simultaneously releases (Gen) the outdated, obsolete, the old pattern. Amazingly both processes frequently overlap: the new has already begun, while remnants of the old continue to exist for some time. However, it is foreseeable that on the long run the new will completely overlay the old. (See also transition ZhenGen: the buds of the tree already open, while there are still old dry leaves on the branches.
Gen, releasing, is a challenge for many people. We are usually very attached to the habitual, a farewell is difficult. Bu t there there is consolation: In the image of the tree dropped, withered leaves become a fertilizer for new growth. For us humans, releasing loved but obsolete habits results in new capacities. In both cases release is rewarded with new food, new energy and allows forward pressing growth into the world (Sun, the wind / tree; second core character).
In a third transformation, Sun finally produces Dui, the lake (upper trigram). Powerful growth from our inside out (Sun) comes into contact with the surrounding world and creates resonance. Our growth is no longer an isolated individual event, but happens in the context of our environment – and exactly that is Dui‘s awareness. So far we more or less have developed our project in isolation, now we start to get in touch with our environment, we establish contact.
In the framework of hexagram 17 – following the user’s (financial) situation experiences a development: from an isolated spark (Zhen, the thunder; lower trigram) to exchange with the world (Dui, the lake; upper trigram), interrelation, in resonance through giving and taking.

The current interpretation can be found here: https://www.no2do.com/hexagramme_en/788778.htm