22 – grace

Graphic hexagram 22Sometimes our cool head is our last rescue: when things go haywire, when gut feelings go crazy. But maybe they are not going crazy, we just do not get the message they are telling us. A cool head helps – and points the way for our gut. Scans the darkness. Calms the turmoil.

Until our gut joins in, head and gut reunite, take a joint decision. Say Goodbye: to confusion.

Case Study

I recently attended a family constellation about a strong, inexplicable attraction threatening the seeker’s entire life structure [seeker = the person doing the family constellation]. Later I consulted the I Ching about the overall situation – from the initial constellation to the healed, resolved outcome. The response I received was hexagram 22 – grace.

Li, the fire (lower trigram) and Kan, the water (first core character) form the base of 22 – grace. These two trigrams are also found in hexagram 63 – after completion and are considered an ideal combination: fire (below) warms water (above). Psychologically one might say that Kan and Li represent a process that deeply integrates intellectual clarity into the personality: head-knowledge is being transformed into deeply rooted gut instinct.
In fact, at the beginning the seeker is very confused about his feelings which seem real but are also inexplicable. Feed-backs from representatives further confusion. Only when considering projection as a possible cause and examining this avenue more closely darkness starts to thin out. Li, the fire (lower trigram) is transformed into Kan, the water (first core characters): a detailed examination of the projection makes confusing gut feelings all of a sudden clear and comprehensible.
From this deep insight about own, sometimes unconscious motivations (Kan) compelling consequences must arise – and in retrospect it is particularly interesting for me to examine in detail the sequence of trigrams. The next step I personally remember from the family constellation is valediction (Gen). In fact, however, Kan first develops into Zhen, the thunder (second core characters), a character that stands for clear judgment and decision-making, and for the capacity to resolutely implement those decisions. At this point in the family constellation – I recalled only later – boundaries were drawn and certain areas of life, ominously interlaced for too long, were separated from each other.
Hexagram 22 – grace concludes with the transition ZhenGen, the mountain (upper trigram): drawing boundaries is follow by letting go and saying goodbye. In fact, the fatal attraction the seeker had perceived for so long was not but a powerful culmination of a leave not taken and thus dominating his life for years.
Drawing boundary (Zhen) and disentangling realities finally assigns a task to the seeker: the task of letting go (Gen) of feelings, thoughts and bonds that had long lost relevance.

Scope of Questions
  • One user asks: “What’s next for my health?”

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