35 – progress

Graphic hexagram 35

Scope of Questions

Regarding hexagram 35 – progress I received the following inquiries:

  • A user asks: “If I won the jackpot this week: How do I deal with the all that money?”
  • Another user asks: “What kind of approach / working method is best suitable for my artistic work?”
  • Another user wants to know what to expected “in terms of love, career and [his] life as a whole” in the upcoming year.
  • One user receives hexagram 35 – progress as a comment to his situation which he describes as follows: “I am heartbroken, financially broken and in deep depression. I am in love with NR, but she left me for no good reason.”

Case Study

Hexagram 35 – progress shows a lower trigram Kun (Earth), a nurturing and supportive environment. Kun refers us to the place we are currently at, here and now, and suggests a thorough inventory. Where exactly am I? What have I already achieved? Do I feel safe? What are my resources? What supports me, what holds me? Becoming aware of these facts makes them a source of strength for the road that lies ahead of us.
The following trigram is Gen, the mountain (first core character) and represents disengagement. During our earthy inventory we may have noticed things that are obsolete, unnecessary burdens that block our forces and weaken us that way. It could be judgments or attitudes we have eventually adopted from others, that do not actually match our inner beliefs. It is almost like standing before a (meta)physical cramped closet, with no idea what to wear / think. Time to … disengage.
If we follow Gen and disengage we create space and release our previously blocked forces. In Taijiquan, within any movement the moment of disengagement / releasing is most important: we entrust ourselves to earth’s gravity, thus freeing our muscles and ligaments until they – according to their nature and absolutely effortlessly – will bear our weight.
Gen’s disengagement not only creates space and but eventually also reconnects us back to the source of our being (Kan, the water, second core character). The source of our being is something very essential: it is the fundamental, stable aspect of our individual existence that transcends generations. It is also home to our own intuitive wisdom and our essence that is, similar to a plant seed in nature, base for new growth.
It’s good to be well connected to our source of being. All actions we initiate from there have quality and they feel “right” in a very special way.
The ending trigram of hexagram 35 – progress is Li, the fire (upper trigram). With Li as a deciding authority we now turn back to the world’s abundance. Li makes us ask questions like: “What is good for me What is of good quality? What is important and essential?” The point is to sort the bounty that is offered to us, to differentiate, to clarify.
Almost anything is possible and available in today’s world. If we answer the questions posed by Li from our source of being (Kan), we will make good, clear decisions.

The current interpretation can be found here: https://www.no2do.com/hexagramme_en/888787.htm