01 – determination

Graphic hexagram 01“I, I, all I!” – How does it feel when I suddenly find myself at the very center, all by myself, undisturbed by the votes of others? Is it really quiet? Or do I still hear their voices in my head, defending myself in fiery speeches before absent parties? An interesting observation: I justify myself… why? Because I’m not the way I believe that they want me to be? But, here the consolation: awareness is already part of the healing.

And now: let us turn the tables and imagine a benevolent counterpart. To talk to confidently, to offer our most secret thoughts and develop then creatively. Until these thoughts are strong, bright, until they carry us along: crystal clear intentions, bright glowing thoughts. All one with us. And we all one with them.

Scope of Questions

A number of inquies reached me regarding hexagram 01 – Determination. Here are some of them:

  • One user asks: “What is my situation actually, how should I understand it?” The background to her question is that she is in a phase of life in which she should complete or put order to many things. But she doesn’t, she avoids it and even prefers to accept disadvantages (e.g. of financial nature). She has the feeling of being stuck, of boycotting herself.
  • A 70 years old user lives with her son who has a schizoaffective disorder and her mother with dementia. She has spent massive amounts of energy trying to make their lives as smooth as possible given their challenges. Actually, she is an artist and still feels the urge to create. Her question: “Where should I put my energy?”
  • Another user lives for rent in a house that is to be sold. She feels very comfortable there with her children, and this is why she considers to eventually buy the house. The hook: she must buy the entire package including another building with a strong need of rehabilitation. Her question: Is that a good idea? Will she be strong enough to manage it all?
  • For the fourth year now a user is writing a book. Is self-publishing a good idea and will it bring success?
  • A user works and lives with her children in a house. The legal situation is unclear, possibly she must leave. Should she try to keep it at any cost? Or should she let go because maybe another, more convenient home is waiting for her?
  • A user consults the I Ching regarding her expertise. She really likes the answer…
  • A user asks: “I should leave my partner?”
  • A user has a thousand ideas and many new projects. She is constantly dissatisfied – is she overstraining herself? How should she prioritize?
  • A user asks whether he should base his business on the I Ching.
  • A user asks whether he will have his breakthrough this year.
  • A user asks: “How I should behave towards X to enable an approach?”
  • A user asks: “What is up?
Some Reflections

I, I, all I.
What kind of an answer is that? Yes, that is an answer… But an unusual one. :)

I, I, all I.
When do we ever put ourselves in such a central position, three times in sequence? Sure, there are egomaniacs who do just that every single day. But we, the normal people? Especially the female normal people? We are actually educated to do exactly the opposite: to be there for others. To sacrifice ourselves. To put our own interests aside. Not to take ourselves too seriously.
And then, all of a sudden, this answer kicks in: “I, I, all I.” Somehow it’s almost… revolutionary.

Revolution. The word revolution actually means: turning around (from revolvere (rolling back, turning around), which again consists of re- (Latin for: back) and volvere (Latin for: rolling, turning)). Thus, something is being turned around all the way. The lowest to the top, the highest to the bottom.
Eventually, we could also understand this as something being put back into the state in it originally was in, the state in which it actually belongs.

More specifically, in a concrete situation, this eventually could mean to take a closer look at our usual reaction to external (e.g. other people‘s) demands. Could it be that, out of habit, we immediately forget our own concerns (wishes, intentions, desires, etc.)? That we forget them thoroughly and instead jump full of verve at what is being requested? That we deliver what others – whoever! – demands? Then “revolution” would mean: pausing that for a moment. Doing nothing. Investigating very, very briefly: What do I actually feel like doing? What would I like to do if I briefly disregarded the concerns of others?
What pops up in my head? What are my wishes? What would I feel like doing (if someone asked me)? How would I ideally like to respond to a situation like this, if I… if I was alone in the world?

And what would happen if I did?

Disappointed faces. They often appear when we stop functioning the way we usually function. We have to get used to that. But it is possible.

And as a reward there might be this: To enter the river [of life].

Feels somehow… thrilling. :)

The current interpretation can be found here: https://www.no2do.com/hexagramme_en/777777.htm