59 – dispersion

Graphic hexagram 59

Scope of Questions
  • A user asks the I Ching regarding her corporate constellation which had fitted her well for a long time. Recently, however, she had the feeling that it was time for a change as she wants to concentrate on a different target group in the future. The I Ching answers with hexagram 59 – dispersion. The title, dispersion, confuses her: does it mean that she should liquidate her old business and then to start all over again in a new constellation?
  • Another user asks: “What should I consider regarding a change of domicile? I want originality, more authenticity, more harmony between inside and outside.”
  • One user asks: “Will my ex-girlfriend and I get back together?”
  • Another user lost his various jobs during the pandemic period with all its lockdowns, everything got canceled. On the other hand, his livelihood had never been really good during the past years, money was always tight. Therefore, he asks the I Ching the following question: “What do you advise me to do professionally?” The answer is 59 – dispersion.
  • A user frees himself from many mental burdens since three days now. Previously, he lost his livelihood and his house. His question to the I Ching concerns his inner state.

Case Study

At the beginning of hexagram 59 – dispersion is Kan, the water (lower trigram), referring to our own source of being, our unconscious. But what exactly is our source of being? I think it is important to understand that we are all part of a network of mental fields that determine our actions. Our source of being is a kind of wise distillate of own – and sometimes third party – information and experiences that lie mostly beyond our daily consciousness. Maybe “gut feeling” is a good concept to describe this pool from which – as far as any person allows it – impulses and inspirations emerge which in turn can initiate our actions.
And precisely that happens here: Kan converts to Zhen, the thunder (first core character), representing ruling power and a determined implementation of the decisions taken. As Zhen emerges from Kan it is probably a good idea to rely on one’s own gut feeling: Which way feels right to me? Finally: our gut feelings are beyond language and thus feed off much more information than the sharpest intellect. An action initiated by a gut decision usually has much greater wisdom and strength than one rooted solely in our conscious mind.
In the following Zhen converts into Gen, the mountain (second core character): disengagement and dissolution arise from the initial decision. Such a sequence of trigrams (KanZhenGen) usually does not indicate an active, willful disengagement but rather a situation, where the old (the withered, the past structure) firstly persists and later on slowly dissolves, while the new structure is already growing. This way the old is slowly overgrown by the new, it is absorbed and / or integrated. Regarding the user’s initial concerns (see question one, above): Hexagram 59 – dispersion does quite definitely not indicate that she should liquidate her old business before she can start a new venture. She should rather carry on the old form for quite some time while gradually buiding up something new.

Transition Zhen-Gen

Gen finally turns into Sun, the wind / tree (upper trigram), an apparently gentle, but actually relentless growth, similar to a tree that over time breaks through stone. The extent of the user’s personal and / or business growth will ultimately depend on how deeply the initial decision is rooted in her own, wise source of being, her own gut feeling.

The current interpretation can be found here: https://www.no2do.com/hexagramme_en/878877.htm