40 – deliverance

Graphic hexagram 40

Scope of Questions

Sometimes unexpected twists arise from what initially gave us uneasy feelings. Especially when we examine ambiguous emotional states with a clear head: are these gut feelings actually related to the current situation, to the here-and-now? A cool head may bring liberation. And gut feelings may cause avalanches. In any direction.

I received the following comments regarding hexagram 40 – Deliverance:

  • A user is about to sign a separation agreement. She asks: “What does signing the contract mean for me?”
  • A user asks: “What would it cause for myself if I left R. alone?”
  • A user consults the I Ching every year on New Year’s Eve; his partner just informed him that she wants to separate. His question is: “What does the new year hold for me?”
  • A user is in a professional dead-end, since three months she has a dental treatment (what she finds frightening) and on the last few night she woke up from a flapping feeling in the area of her solar plexus. Her question to the I Ching: “What situations am I in at all?”
  • A user has a – in his opinion – brilliant business idea for his sister-in-law. But he is also notices a certain inquietude. He wonders what he should do next.
  • One user describes her situation as follows: “My children and grandchildren have not contacted me for months, obviously they have broken off contact. My question in this context is how to live with this situation without suffering unduly.”*
  • One user asks: “I’m being stalked and want to hire a detective. What should I do?”

* The I Ching‘s answer was hexagram 04 –youthful folly changing lines 4 and 6, which results in hexagram 40 – deliverance.

The current interpretation can be found here: https://www.no2do.com/hexagramme_en/878788.htm