45 – gathering together

Graphic hexagram 45

Scope of Questions
  •  A user asks what exactly is meant by “lesson learned” in contemporary interpretation. His personal life situation: paradisaical abundance, tempting offers – and he immediately would like to accept everything. His question to the I Ching is: “What should I do?”
  • A user describes her situation as follows: “I am very interested in a man, who is – unfortunately – quite prominent. However, I would like to meet him.”
  •  A user asks the I Ching: “What can I do to calm down and stay focused?” Her financial situation scares her, makes her freeze up and prevents her from doing things and getting things done. She would like to better prepare and communicate her offers so that her products are noticed and bought by as many people as possible. Secretly she knows that she has treasures just waiting to be shared with the world.
  • An other user asks: “Should I take up painting art professionally to earn a living?“ And about his situation: “I am trying to find my way professionally after a long period of unemployment, following a high stress, executive position from which I was terminated without cause. My mother was a professional artist, who died right after I lost my job. I grew up working with her and am very knowledgeable about art, own her equipment and materials, and used to do art when I was much younger.“
  • One user asked the I Ching where he was in his life and career and what he need to do next/focus on. Recently he quit his job and drastically changed careers, starting his own business and adjusting to a very different life.
Case Study

Hexagram 45 – gathering together shows Kun, the earth, in the lower trigram, which indicates a nurturing, supportive environment. As in the case mentioned above (1st question, see above), this might be expressed in an abundance of possibilities. Often things happen exactly the way the user describes it: There are many possibilities and we would like to use everything that is offered.
But Kun (the earth, lower trigram) quickly develops into Gen (the mountain, first core character): letting go of what what is not yours. Indeed, if you have learned your past lessons, you are now able to judge fairly accurately what is really beneficial to yourself, what you can and eventually want to do – and what is beyond your capacities. Even though you may sometimes find it a pity not to take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves, there is often simply no choice but to turn down some of the equally tempting offers.
The second core sign shows growth (Sun, the tree/wind), followed by attentive listening to the reactions of the environment (Dui, the lake). Lessons are never learned for good. Even the Tai Chi master continues to practice the form tirelessly. And discovers more and more subtleties.

The current interpretation can be found here: https://www.no2do.com/hexagramme_en/888778.htm