25 – innocence

Graphic hexagram 25

Scope of Questions

I received the following questions and descriptions of situations that resulted in hexagram 25 – innocence:

  • One user writes: “After an unpleasant event a few months ago, I am more or less in a kind of crisis. I have my life under control and am getting along reasonably well, but emotionally I am still very much shaken. Since then I try to understand the best I can what actually happened – also by questioning the I Ching.”
  • Another user asks: “Please, tell me how the story between me and x will develop further during the upcoming year!”
  • A users has met a person in a quite unique way who later on turned out to be very important for her. Her question: “Will we meet again? Or: what’s the point?”
  • One user asks: “What’s next?”


無妄 wú wàng – A Japanese friend tells me about the meaning of the Chinese characters in the Chinese name of hexagram 25 – innocence. The first character means “scarifier tooth of the tiger”, the second one “release” or “letting go”. Later, a Chinese friend tells me that both are classic characters, hence he cannot read them. This is not surprising: the Japanese took over the classic Chinese characters and still use them today, while the Chinese have moved on to modern Chinese and therefore most often cannot read the old characters any longer.

In any case, the idea is amazing: that one becomes innocent as soon as he/she lets go of his/her scarifier teeth.

The current interpretation can be found here: https://www.no2do.com/hexagramme_en/788777.htm