Structure of a Hexagram

A hexagram (hexa is the Greek prefix for six, referring to six lines) is built from bottom to top, and that is also the way it is read. The  lower trigram (green background) is followed by the first core character (outlined in purple), then the second core character (outlined in turquoise) and the hexagram ends with the upper trigram (pink background).

Trigram (tri = three) refers to a character  that is composed of three – broken or solid – lines. The lower (green background) and the upper (pink background) are always called trigrams. The two core characters (outlined in purple and turquoise) are of course trigrams as well, for their position within the hexagram they are referred to as lower and upper core characters.

For example the hexagram shown above consists of the following trigrams:

upper trigramKun, the earth
second core characterZhen, the thunder
first core characterDui, the lake
lower trigramQian, the heaven

Breaking the hexagram down this way and reading the resulting trigrams from bottom to top results in the following, very basic interpretation: Qian, the heaven, turns into Dui, the lake. From that evolves Zhen, the thunder, which in turn becomes Kun, the earth.
(Hexagram 12 – peace is fully interpreted here)

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