32 – duration

Graphic hexagram 32Being truthful – that is a big word. How to get there? In many small steps, one after the other, until eventually one day we arrive: at self-centeredness. One with ourselves. Initially you may perceive your inner truth only vaguely. But by and by it intensifies. And one day you will start to express it. To the environment. Bravely. Uncensored.

And the environment will respond. There will be people who don’t want to hear what you really have to say. Others will appreciate you exactly for that. Ultimately you will not have to make a choice: just by being truthful the chaff will naturally separate from the wheat. And all that will remain is wheat, i.e. people who truly appreciate you the way you are. People to set out with. Into a new, truthful life.

Scope of Questions
  • A user asks the I Ching the following question: “2 1/2 years ago, I left my longtime partner. Today, would we still have a chance for a relationship of respect and mutual esteem?”
Case Study

A user questions the I Ching and writes: “Several times already I asked the I Ching regarding a not-yet-but-perhaps relationship which is just coming into existence. Repeatedly the I Ching answered me with hexagram 32 – Duration. But I do not understand it.”
Well – here is a detailed commentary on hexagram 32 – Duration:

Sun, the tree / wind (lower trigram) stands at the beginning of 32 – Duration and thus indicates a wealth of opportunities and lively, spring-like growth (Sun is associated with spring and the phase Wood). Another descriptions for this kind of growth would be: relentless, unstoppable, vehement, almost an explosion of green, just like the landscape’s greening we are currently experiencing.
In the course of hexagram 32 – Duration Sun develops into Qian, the heaven (first core character), the zenith of all growth: the flower which has grown out of the vernal bud has now fully opened. Transferred into our human condition this describes an attitude of self-centeredness, of oneness, of originality and authenticity, where we honestly, uncensored and bravely express what we feel.
Of course, who dares to openly express all he / she feels risks to be hurt – but this truthfulness is also a basic requirement for any romantic relationship (and that is what the user’s question was about!). We can only find love and feel loved if we honestly show our true colors.
Qian, the heaven (first core character) later develops into Dui, the lake (second core character) and suggests to carefully pay attention to our environment’s reactions. There will always be people who appreciate seeing our true self – and others who do not. Ultimately we do not have to make any choice: just by being honestly ourselves, the chaff will naturally separate from the wheat. And all that will remain is wheat, ie people who truly appreciate us the way we are.
Zhen (the thunder), the final (upper) trigram shows dynamic beginnings: things will start off and with clear determination. That what has secretly grown will now push outward and become visible to all. And it will last.
Both citations from the classical texts, “Thus the superior man stands firm and does not change his direction.” (Image) and “Perseverance furthers. It furthers one to have somewhere to go.” (Judgment) suggest that in this situation it is of vital importance to honestly and sincerely follow one’s own (life) path – without paying attention to short-lived and distracting fashions.

Debra Kaatz writes on LE1 Da Dun:

At this point our old wood can be shed and our true identity can come out. When we are frustrated and lacking hope, Da Dun can give us strength and confidence so we become flexible and adaptable. It gives us the courage to believe in our goals and know how to get where we need to…. Here is the strength of self esteem that helps us move forward. Here is the force and strength of a new shoot pushing through last year’s decay to open its fresh green shoots in the clear crisp spring air. Kaatz 2005

Udo Lorenzen writes to LE1 (The Fullness of Good Esteem)

Wood controls Earth, ie, this point can move and disperse accumulated earth. [→ brooding and sorrow, feeling of separateness]

The current interpretation can be found here: https://www.no2do.com/hexagramme_en/877788.htm