The I Ching study guide is a new idea, born in August 2011. Today, after about 3 years of intensive work with the I Ching, I can read hexagrams without having to consult any of the classic books – simply because I now understand meaning and interconnectedness of individual the trigrams.

I also wish that for you.

On the following pages I will explain my model of approaching the hexagrams. It is the result of several years of research where I’ve tried to rediscover the basic Taoist ideas behind the I Ching oracle. Most of the following statements are consistent with the classical writings, but there are (a few) exceptions which I then will point out. And yet, sometimes you will find that my study guide does not fully correspond to what you may have read with another author.

This is partly due to the fact that the original texts of the I Ching – as I recently found out to my surprise – are actually quite concise. And some of those billowing texts regarding the I Ching don’t but derive from the authors’ interpretation skills (and sometimes their imagination).

So the following remarks certainly do not represent the ultimate I Ching course – but probably there will never be one: many people have used the I Ching in many ways during its almost 5000-year history. But what you – as I hope – will learn here is an independent and sovereign way of using this extremely useful tool for guidance through our eternally changing world.

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