Functional Circuit Large Intestine (Meridian)

The large intestine is responsible for free passage. Change and transformation are coming from it! (1)

What a tremendous duty for the large intestine! While heralding the teachings of the right path, the large intestine carries along residual waste. The passing and elimination of waste goes beyond substance: emotions, thoughts, relationships are also changing and must go their natural way. They, too, must be discarded if they have become worthless for us. (2)

Only if man properly digests influences and eliminates useless parts, change and transformation can happen! This function of the large intestine is expressed in the binomial Bian Hua:
Bian: refers to a change along a line, a spatial motion while an item is modified quantitatively…
Hua: refers to change that results in a qualitative transformation… The now worthless is excreted through the rectum and loses its relationship with the organism. (3)

As the yang aspect of the metal element, the large intestine has also something to do with our paternal power, with authority and dignity, with honor and disgrace. The teaching of these values ​​is closely connected with male role models and father figures. Within the trigrams of the I Ching we encounter it in qian = the creative, as paternal power. (4)

Just like lung and skin, the large intestine is a functional circuit that belongs to the phase element metal and forms a boundary layer between interior and exterior. It is also a place of confrontation to engage with invading pathogenic factors of any kind, penetrating from the exterior. (5)

(1) From the Huáng Dì Nèi Jīng Sù Wèn (ca. 2698-2598 BC), chapter 8; translation: kus
(2), (3), (4), (5) Udo Lorenzen, Die Wandlungsphasen der traditionellen chinesischen Medizin, Bd. Metall, 2 (München: Müller & Steinicke, 1994), p. 47 – 49 and 332; translation: kus

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