Functional circuit, pathway or channel through which, according to Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the life energy (Qi) flows.

There are twelve main channels, each of which is assigned to one organ system. On the meridians themselves, there are special points where – e.g. through needles (acupuncture) or finger pressure (acupressure) – the energy balance can be influenced.

ElementFunctional CircuitTimeQualityEmotionSense
MetalLung (LU)03-05YinSorrowNose
MetalLarge Intestine (LI)05-07YangSorrowNose
EarthStomach (ST)07-09YangWorryLips
EarthSpleen (SP)09-11YinWorryLips
FireHeart (HT)11-13YinJoyTongue
FireSmall Intestine (SI)13-15YangJoyTongue
WaterBladder (BL)15-17YangFearEar
WaterKidney (KI)17-19YinFearEar
FirePericardium (PE)19-21YinJoyTongue
FireTriple Warmer (Sanjiao, SJ)21-23YangJoyTongue
WoodGallbladder (GB)23-01YangAngerEye
WoodLiver (LIV)01-03YinAngerAuge

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