Gen, the Mountain

Modern Interpretation: Disengagement; transformation; harmonization

Gen stands for our ability to disengage. Through letting go of what has become obsolete we can focus on what is essential, concentrate our energies and make room for the new. Disengagement harmonizes and focuses our actions and results in reorientation and new beginnings. Gen invites us to honestly examine our possessions, feelings and/or thoughts regarding their validity, and to permanently let go of what is old or outdated.

Phase Element: Metal
Functional Circuit: Large Intenstine (LI)

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great man

Central notion of the traditional interpretation of the I Ching. Meaning: A man living in harmony with the Dao, acting out of a state of inner calm, spontaneously and in accordance with the overall situation. Within the hexagram the great man often refers to the fifth line (if this is a Yang line). It indicates an action from center outward. Ideally, it corresponds with its counterpart, the second line (= the middle line in the lower trigram), which is often regarded as will.