zero-point field

Zero-point field is the name of a popular scientific theory that provides an explanation for the interaction between mind and matter (such as p. ex. psyche and body) and their constant and immanent change. The zero-point field is described as a subtle field of unconscious matter that pervades the entire creation. It constitutes the substrate of our material world with a natural tendency of entropy and chaos. The zero-point field corresponds to our unconscious mind, a non-defined substrate of thoughts and ideas. Both elements together, unconscious mind and unconscious matter, form the probabilistic state of all possibilities.

If we organize our own, living consciousness and make it coherent, we can act upon the zero-point field that surrounds us. Health and healing (holy!) are fields worth pursuing these ideas further.

Zhen, the Thunder

Modern Interpretation: Ability to make decisions; determination, enthusiasm, courage; precision; flexibility, strength

Zhen represents our ability to make decisions, our determination, enthusiasm, courage, and precision; but also flexibility and strength belong to Zhen. If we look at nature, then Zhen‘s pattern of movement is that of a bud in its protective sleeve, just beginning to break open: a sudden, decisive and courageous move.

Phase Element: Wood
Functional Circuit: Gallbladder (GB)

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True Scripture of Southern Florescence. A work partly attributed to Master Zhuang, a Chinese philosopher and poet. Together with Daodejing it is considered the main work of Daoism.