The classics say that Qi follows Yi and manifests itself as a result. Everything that is, has previously existed as an intention (Yi). In this context Wu Wei signifies to be with intention or to have intention. However, Wu Wei does not mean to do nothing at all.

Intention should not be mistaken for will.

Will is

  • focused: when I use my will, I am working towards a probably externally set, more or less arbitrary goal.
  • a state of doing: effort is necessary to reach that goal.
  • future being: will projects into the future, it has to do with a desire for change.

Intention or Yi

  • is a condition of purposeful being.
  • is a state of allowing.
  • enables the energy to flow, guiding it on its path (the natural state of energy is to flow).
  • gives energy a direction.
  • is targeted consciousness.

How do I bring energy into my left hand? Through being aware of my left hand. I direct my entire perception into my left hand and the energy will follow my consciousness. It is important that I direct only my consciousness into my left hand, and not my will. It does not even imply to think about the hand. Because … if I’m thinking “hand, hand, hand,” … I am in my head. This causes the energy to go to my head, a place with usually too much energy, anyway. We want to avoid that. Schmid, 117

Schmid, Martin. 2002. Taiji - Die Innere Kraft von Himmel Und Erde. Ahlerstedt: Param.