Virtue. Central notion of the traditional interpretation of the I Ching. Meaning: inner strength, inner voice that reconnects man with his own inner being, helping him to walk the right path (Dao). Further names for te in the classical interpretations: virtue, inner qualities, spirit, character.


Oral transmission of the Dharma in lecture form. Cf. Deshimaru 1991, 144

Ten Wings

The 9th Wing of the “Ten Wings” (a collection of texts about the I Ching, attributed to Confucius) is a short text that shows in which order the hexagrams follow each other.

However, a grave library was discovered in 1972 in Mawangdui, which also contained a copy of the I Ching, which is much older than the text known so far. This version of the I Ching differs from the previously known text by about 25%, among other things in the order in which the hexagrams follow each other.

Textus receptus

Received text (Latin). The I Ching is mainly known as a Chinese canonical script engraved in stone.